Industrial Innovation



At the times of disruptions through climate change, pandemic, and digitalization, the pressure to innovate is increasing. While incremental innovation safely supports current business, more thorough ideation may lead to completely new opportunities. In either case, we can help you achieve your goals in innovation.


Many of today’s innovations are happening in the consumer space. We are focusing our services on industrial applications, all the way from extraction to consumer industries. We are also supporting ICT companies with an industrial interest in finding the right applications for their technologies.



Apart from supporting the customer’s uninterrupted operations, a well designed service business has a few other advantages. It creates a continuous revenue stream that is not immediately dependent on product sales, and it creates customer intimacy through continuous interaction. A good service business builds resilience into your business model.


Digitalization is the technology theme of the decade. Many technologies therein originate from the consumer world – the transfer to industrial applications may face obstacles. Our expertise in industrial digitalization provides the support you need to navigate to the zoo of industrial digitalization, technologies as well as transformational processes.


Advise & Consult

Sustainable innovation preferably takes place within your internal and external network. As a catalyst for innovation, we support you in innovation projects and processes.

Talk & Teach

The buzzword density in technology and digitalization is very high. To relate them to the industrial challenges is a good topic for talks, presentations, and short courses that can be adapted to your specific needs.



CG Innovation Services was founded in 2021 by Dr. Christopher Ganz. His 30 years of experience in various roles among the innovation value chain have led him to be a thought leader on industrial innovation, digitalization, and servitization.


A network of complementing skills and experiences helps to cover aspects as required in a project. Partners are experts in their own fields, consulting companies, or academic institutions.