Advise & Consult

CG Innovation services focuses on Innovation, Servitization, and Digitalization in an industrial context. These topics are inherently interrelated and lead to each other.

At the core of our offering is innovation: doing something in a novel way. This may lead to the improvement of internal procedures and processes, the way you do things, or in an innovative offering to your customers who can in turn improve.

We always look at the aim of the innovation in a holistic view. Its impact on the ecosystem to shift forces, its transformational use of technology, and also its sustainable implementation in the organization.

Innovative offerings often come in the form of new services, preferably paired with capabilities built into the product. Servitization has shown to be a promising rout to innovative market offerings. Such offerings are often implemented through digital technologies.

Also when you start your innovation journey with the aim to digitalize, services often end up to be the result of such transformations, either consumed or provided.

Innovation, service, and digitalization go hand in hand and create a sustaining source of innovation. We guide your organization through this process, regardless whether your journey starts at innovation, servitization, or digitalization.