Digitalization challenges in industrial applications are not new. Automation systems historically address the basics of digitalization in a production company – in extraction, process industries, utilities, or discrete manufacturing. Sensor data is used for control, and production data is collected in the SCADA or plant historian. The opportunities provided by the advancements in IoT and other digital technologies have to be put in context of the existing digital solutions.


Valuable digital information in a production plant is not only the real time data from production, it also spans other digital aspects throughout the lifecycle of a plant. From engineering to operation, and then to service and maintenance, from plant floor to the enterprise level. Such information may provide the foundation of a use case that creates value internally (own production) or downstream (to your customers).


Digitalization has to be anchored in value generating use cases. We focus on those that create innovation along the industrial value chain. Co-creation in your ecosystem, with suppliers and customers is one way to achieve this. Digitalization is one tool to implement such use cases, many of those result in new service offerings.

Whether you’re a start-up, SME, or large enterprise, we provide the guidance to digitalize with a purpose.