The expertise gained in years in the business provides the deep understanding (domain knowledge) of the current solutions that address current customer needs. New ideas typically improve the current approach, either in functionality or in cost. A solution that is addressing the customer’s situation from a different angle is rarely on the radar. However, such solutions may come as a surprise if provided by a competitor or even a new entrant. If brought to the market, it may severely shake up a whole market. Waiting for the disruption may be a dangerous strategy, creating the disruption yourself may put you in a significantly stronger position, maybe at the cost of cannibalizing your existing business.


Very often, such novel solutions are driven by new technologies. However, the developer of the technology often doesn’t fully understand the use case, and the domain expert does’t understand the technology enough to recognize its potential. This gap has to be bridged. Along with an innovation framework that addresses this challenge, we can support you in looking for new approaches, and implementing them.


We developed an innovation framework that pushes the boundaries of incremental development. The framework incorporates a structured approach to customer value creation and includes aspects of scaling. Such results can be used to watch for new entrants, scout for start-ups, or incubate new business. Services may focus on a strategic view on board level, or on execution within an innovation organization.