R&D for Service


Service offerings in industrial environments mostly cover activities late in the lifecycle of a product. Repair and maintenance are typically done at a time when the end of the warranty period is years ago. The development of these devices was completed even earlier, and R&D today is working on tomorrow’s products that will have their first service issues years from now.

Once the service intervention is happening, the service technician will be facing challenges that have not been considered by R&D.


A successful service strategy does not rely on products that need to be maintained, repaired, and replaced. A proactive approach builds service capabilities into the offering by design. The resulting market offering will be a product / service system that not only makes the product service friendly, but also builds the foundation of future service offerings that are not necessarily tied to the product’s core function.


To implement these product / service concepts, R&D for service has to become an integral aspect of the R&D processes of an organization. We support the ideation of product / service systems for the benefit of your customers and lead the transformation of the existing processes to enable the development of commercially successful service offerings in a sustainable way.