Consulting network

One of the success factors in innovative and digitally supported business models is networks. To stretch capabilities from products and production to digital services is preferably achieved by strategic partnering.

We also apply this concept in our own work for our customers. We reach out to partners with the required skills and own networks. All partners can focus on their key skills and contribute their value in a network. This network comprises you as the customer: your own skills and capabilities are an essential part of an innovation project.


Very often the required advanced technologies are found in start-ups. Reaching out to scouts and advisors helps finding these globally. If you are a start-up yourself, we can also support you in finding industrial partners where your offering fits.


An essential part of our network are academic institutions. As we bridge the gap between ICT and producing industries, we also see a gap to be bridged between industrial customers and academia. Advanced innovation requires the translation of the observed challenges into research questions that can successfully be solved at universities.